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Amba Yahaluwo Teledrama - “Katu akule mal ahare”

Amba Yahaluwo teledrama and its theme song “Katu akule mal ahare” brought back a lot of childhood memories of anyone’s back to years 1991 or 1992. This Teledrama was made around 1989. They didn't have much of a technology back then like today’s kids.

Amba Yahaluwo teledrama was based on the beloved children's book written by T. B. Ilangaratne, this story is based on a heart touching story of two best friends. Sunil (Sudhu Appo) and Nimal. Not only Sunil and Nimal the annoying grandmother, haughty sister, all the characters we loved to love and hate. Sunil from a high cast rich family and a Nimal from a low cast family, whose dad work under the rich family as a stone breaker. The rich family didn't want the poor child to be studying in the same class as their child in the school. But the two friends loved each other a lot, money couldn't stop their friendship.

These two friends, they came from different social backgrounds, and despite that, their friendship always pulled through. Not only this story presented the value of true friendship, but it also painted a picture of the simplicity and love of the village life along with its own issues and battles.

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Yashorawaya Teledrama - Directed by Parakrama Niriella

Yashorawaya is the first teledrama to be produced based on a novel in Sri Lanka. This is a novel by Somaweera Senanayake and directed by Parakrama Niriella.

The innocent Suratissa, the simple Baladeva, the stubborn Ranjani and the easy going Sunimal, born into the same family, these 4 kids believed in 4 different worlds. They had different dreams, they followed different rules in life. And amidst all that lies the love of their parents, undivided, unvaried, and unconditional.

At the end of this story, which discusses the lifestyle of the middle class Sri Lankans, their desire to rise to the top, and therefore the pursuit of money, and ultimately their fall into the lowest class, they suggest that we rise to the top. What needs to be done is to get mentally fit. This is very clear to us through the character of Baladeva.

From the play here, G.J. W. Surendra, Irangani Serasinghe, Lucky Dias, Richard de Zoysa, Gamini Hettiarachchi, Ratna Lalani Jayakody, Amitha Weerasinghe, H. that. Perera, Sunil Hettiarachchi, Saranapala Jayasuriya, Kumudumali Gamage, Geetha Kanthi Jayakody, Nadaraja Shivam, Raja Sumanapala, Suneetha Wimalaweera, Ellen Sylvester, Suminda Sirisena and many other actors and actresses contributed.

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